What is objectDB?

Accessing to databases in PHP, not compatible with object-oriented paradigm, is complex when it is needed to store and retrieve objects instead of separate variables. Many programmers break the encapsulation of code which could be well modeled and easily maintainable; others create their own methods of data access, which costs much of the development of the whole system.

ObjectDB creates a general architecture for data access, which (through inheritance) can be increased to support specific methods for every application. With this library the programmer can obtain, save, and modify (among other operations) objects directly from the database without having to memorize the extensive API of PHP and possessing high knowledge of SQL. ObjectDB helps to write clearer code (and therefore more maintainable), formable according to object-oriented methodologies (currently the most used) and makes the programmer completely independent of the database system to use.

ObjectDB is designed to reduce work to a minimum. In use, tedious operations such as creating relationships between tables and finding the last inserted tuple, become routine and use a few lines of code. Although it might be thought that the work of an extra layer of abstraction slows down the application, caching mechanisms of objectDB avoid redundant operations and streamline the work so that no visible notice of time delays.

Quick download

Get the last version of objectDB with just one click. For more download options, please visit the download page. ObjectBD is free for download and use, but if you think it is a great software, please consider a minimal monetary contribution for project's livelihood.

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